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Thanks for your questions about foreign exchange rates, transaction fees, and using ATMs abroad. First, it’s important to know that credit cards with foreign transaction fee exemption also extend this benefit to ATM withdrawals–there’s no special clause that hits you with an extra charge just for needing cash. These cards waive the usual 2.5% exchange fee or give you cash back on your foreign purchases, which can make up for the fees.

canadian forex review

If you have significant financial holdings in a foreign currency I suggest you consult with a financial advisor who understands currencies, specifically. If you can wait for the very long term (5-10 years +), You can more accurately match any currency’s high exchange rate to your needs. For some people, this doesn’t make sense and has emotional implications. https://forex-review.net/ For others, money is just a variable they can play with unemotionally and they feel quite happy knowing they have mixed currencies and holdings around the world. Major costs in Canada when you return can be the purchase of real estate for living in or as an investment, a vehicle, or even money for post-secondary education for your child.

When I checked in to see how much my little account had grown, they had pilfered 400 dollars in inactivity fees. In attempting to resolve this, they made further promises that they then did not fulfil. I’m not sure what RBC charges, but if you’re transferring at least $25,000, Questrade will rebate up to $150 of the fee. Hi Deesha, while I recommend Questrade right now, WealthSimple has a very promising WealthSimple Trade platform that you might want to look into. I haven’t dived into it yet, as they just recently opened up options for investing within a TFSA and RRSP.

Daily exchange rates

If you already have US Dollars, or earn American dollars, a US Dollar currency card is a good alternative. However, if you’re exchanging Canadian dollars to US dollars, to pay for purchases on your US dollar card, it’s likely a more expensive strategy than using a credit card with subsidized foreign transaction fees. Check your card holder agreement because in addition to the price and the exchange rate, you will be subject to foreign transaction fees.

canadian forex review

He solved the problem I had and offered to stay on the line as I filled out the account. We’ll look to continuously update our 2023 Best Canadian online broker comparison in order to keep you informed, and help you compare “Apples to Apples” when it comes to Canadian trading platforms. We still think the Qtrade vs Questrade decision is the way to go if you’re a dividend investor or index investor who wants to dabble with a “core and explore portfolio”. Qtrade’s customer service can help smooth out any unexpected mistakes, while Questrade’s slightly lower non-ETF price-per-trade has to be more heavily weighted when you’re making several trades each day. When you’re just starting out as a Canadian DIY investor you want a simple intuitive platform, low fees, access to investor education resources, and great customer support in case you make a logistical error.

Opening an Interactive Brokers Account

For commissions at a flat $8.75, this consistently top-ranked broker gives you one of the better websites and apps for looking after your investments. This insurance covers each investment account to $1 Million. That’s $1 Million each for your RRSP, TFSA, non-registered, etc. Customer service rating took a real hit the last couple of years – the main reason we now rank Qtrade ahead of Questrade. BBB Business Profiles are provided solely to assist you in exercising your own best judgment. BBB asks third parties who publish complaints, reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate.

canadian forex review

For those using an ETF-based investing strategy, you are essentially paying zero dollars to invest with Questrade. For example, let’s say you wanted to replicate the ETF-based “Assertive” Couch Potato Portfolio by holding three main ETFs in your portfolio. Every month you would add to your accounts by purchasing those three main ETFs. Since you pay $0 per trade, you are essentially paying nothing to hold those ETFs besides the MER of the ETFs themselves (about 0.15%).

I use it every day!

Questrade’s website offers all the primary services of a big bank or financial institution, including electronic funds transfers, stock trading, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds, and bonds. The best option would still be to use your no-foreign transaction fee credit card wherever possible. The reason is because when you convert your Canadian dollars to US dollars at the bank or exchange bureau, you will be charged a fee on top of the spot rate. However, the fee is not separated from the exchange rate provided. In general, that fee will be in the 2.5% to 3% range at a Canadian retail bank, when exchanging small sums in branch.

  • Look, in a day and age when the USA’s top secret files can get hacked, it would be dishonest to say anything is 100% safe from prying eyes.
  • The settlement is a compromise of disputed claims and BTMU does not admit any wrongdoing or liability.
  • If you’re a beginner looking for a comparable user-friendly company for investing, Q-trade offers a similar platform focusing on the same markets.
  • Fractional shares trade using the same commission structure as regular shares, and the function is available for most U.S. traded stocks.

In other words, capital gains on currencies that are held in Canada are taxable in Canada at the time a transaction converting them to CAD happens. This is whether you are a tax resident in Canada or not. If you are living abroad, have been for many years, and have no major ties to Canada, you are normally free to transfer money back to Canada without tax implications on the exchange of currencies. Hmmm….when I gently explored further with these people I learned they had not actually been non-resident in Canada. They had not cut all critical ties to Canada when they originally left. They were actually liable for gains on currency exchanges on any world-wide holdings because they were still tax residents of Canada in the eyes of the Canada Revenue Agency.

Can You Buy Stocks on a Mobile App?

This is something that happened to me and I was unaware of it. Baggio writes about fintech platforms and how they can be used by Canadians for their own financial benefit. He has been investing for half a decade, using the perspectives gained from my work experience in the private, public, and non-profit sectors to shape my investment outlook. He has a specific interest in the potential canadian forex review of emerging disruptive technologies and their impact on the future. IBKR and Wealthsimple Trade are very different types of platforms, with IBKR being more of a full-service platform while Wealthsimple Trade is great for the basic function of buying and selling stocks. In Canada, clients have the ability to choose from a variety of different options when choosing an online brokerage.

It goes against our guidelines to offer incentives for reviews. We also ensure all reviews are published without moderation. Companies can ask for reviews via automatic invitations.

The first step to identifying a trustworthy broker is regulation with reputable agencies such as IIROC, ASIC, FSCA, FSA, FFAJ and various others. Regulated brokers are mandated to operate segregated bank accounts for client funds, separate from their working capital accounts. They are also subject to random platform checks that ensure they always offer transparent trading services to clients. With a growing number of online trading platforms out there, you have so many options to choose from you compare the online brokers listed above, think about the features and offerings that are important to you. The best feature Questrade offers here is its 30-day risk-free practice account, where investors get $100,000 CAD in virtual cash to try their hand at trading forex and CFDs. When you’re ready to move from a practice account to the real deal, simply open either an Individual Forex & CFD account or a Joint Forex & CFD account.

RBC Direct Investing offers you the same trade-off as other big banks do – you pay higher fees and in return enjoy an excellent platform and a lot of account options to choose from. In RBC’s case, their biggest advantage is their mobile app, which has the best ratings out of all the options listed on this page. Qtrade is an online brokerage that allows you to make investments into products such as Exchange-Traded Funds , bonds, stocks, options, etc. Trading on Qtrade requires choosing an investment account with relatively high commission fees.

Trade popular currency pairs and CFDs with Enhanced Execution and no restrictions on stop and limit orders. The best budgeting apps in Canada can give you a snapshot of your finances, help break the cycle of living paycheck-to-paycheck and help invest for the future. Before you dive into Questrade yourself, here is an inside look at Questrade’s platform. The screenshot below shows the watch list and the order entry to buy shares.

Questrade has a considerable fee structure compared to central bank’s high charges. It is also very flexible which means you can build an investment portfolio at little cost. Canadian investors and traders benefit from CIBC Investor’s Edge’s cheap commissions, simple trading interface, and vast asset class selection. Questrade provides the best knowledge, access to research, and learning tools and tutorials to access the real-time market to make informed decisions. In addition to all these security features, which offer more than enough protection, Questrade offers a 100% guarantee on your accounts’ security, so you know they take this matter seriously, and your funds are safe. You’ll receive alerts with potential activity considered suspicious, with the date and time of your last log in.


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