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BlueWallet – Bitcoin wallet for PC and Mac Latest Version

BlueWallet - Bitcoin wallet for PC and Mac

Written by Bluewallet Services, S. R. L.

  • Category: Finance
  • Date of release:2023-11-23
  • License: FREE
  • Software Version: 6.3.2
  • File size 63.33MB
  • compatibility: Windows 11/11, Windows 10, Windows 8/7 Vista and Mac OS 10 11.0
  • How it works

What is Great

1. With a focus on simplicity and security, a Bitcoin wallet allows you to store, send, and receive Bitcoin.

2. Get unlimited free bitcoin wallets, or import your current wallet.

3. You can now buy Bitcoin in your wallet and join the open financial revolution.

4. On BlueWallet, a bitcoin wallet you own your private keys.

5. Bitcoin wallet built by Bitcoin users, for the community.

6. A p2p Bitcoin Trading platform that allows you buy and sell bitcoin directly from other users.

BlueWallet – Bitcoin wallet Features and Description

Top Features

Latest Version: 6.3.2

License: FREE

Rated 466 People

BlueWallet, a Bitcoin wallet, is what it does? It allows you to store and send Bitcoins, as well as receive Bitcoins. BlueWallet allows you to keep your private keys. Bitcoin wallet built by Bitcoin users, for the community. Instantly transact with anyone around the globe and change the financial system from your pocket. Create unlimited free bitcoin wallets and import your existing wallet. It’s quick and easy. _____ This is what you get. Made with the ReactNative Plausible Decryption Password. This decrypts any fake bitcoin wallets that you have access to. Full encryption All data is encrypted with an additional password. Cold storage Full node Connect to Bitcoin Full Node through Electrum Cold. 2 – Your experience is our priority Private keys do not leave your device. Flexible Fees Starting at 1 Satoshi Your user replace-by fee (RBF). You can speed up your transactions with an increase in the fee (BIP125). Watch only wallets Watches-only wallets Let you see your cold storage from anywhere without touching it. Lightning Network Lightning wallet that is completely unconfigured You get the best Bitcoin user experiences, as well as fast and affordable transactions. Buy Bitcoin Enter in the open financial revolution with the ability to buy Bitcoin directly in your wallet. Local Trader is a p2p Bitcoin Trading platform. This allows you to sell or buy bitcoins to other users, without any third-party intermediaries.


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