3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the Orchestra

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In most cases, the instruments and the accompanying music for plays and musicals can be found in the orchestra pit. They are really the unsung heroes of the plays.

However, there are some rare and special cases where the plays call for the cast on stage to actually be the orchestra for their own performance. It is a true fusion of guitars, instruments, and the plays.

Let’s take a look at several plays where the cast was also their own orchestra.


whitenightnuitblanche post12 300x200 - 3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the OrchestraThe first play we’ll be looking at is called Once. This is actually a play that was based on the film of the same name that came out in 2007.

The story is actually quite simple. It is about a man and a woman who unite together through their love of music and dreams of success with it.

The soundtrack is so memorable and emotional that it was such a great and well-received film. This is probably why it was transfixed into a play.

Throughout the play, as the boy and girl play their guitar and piano, the patrons around them also serve as the full orchestra as they bring out their own instruments and add to the songs.

This play was pretty good. So much so that it went on to win more than five Tony Awards.


whitenightnuitblanche post13 300x199 - 3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the OrchestraNext up, we have a play called Buddy. It tells the life and story of acclaimed singer-songwriter Buddy Holly.

This specific play can’t be complete without the titular character getting on stage with a guitar. In life, it was automatically related to Holly.

On the stage, Holly and his band act out his life and play the instruments in real life too.

The Band’s Visit

whitenightnuitblanche post14 300x200 - 3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the OrchestraFinally, we have The Band’s Visit. Like Once, it is a play that was based on a film of the same name. The film actually originated in Israel. It is about a touring Egyptian band that makes a wrong booking and finds themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The band is not just by name though, as the actors also play their own instruments while on stage.

These are definitely some great and unique events that you should catch. Seeing the cast play their own instruments adds a certain authenticity and emotion to the play. Don’t forget to also catch these great guitar solos in plays.

2 of the Best Guitar-centric Plays to Watch

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whitenightnuitblanche post22 300x200 - 2 of the Best Guitar-centric Plays to WatchSome people have problems with reconciling their interests. For instance, some people may be interested in plays. While other people may be interested in guitars. Some think that there are no ways that these two interests can intersect.

However, in all actuality, these two things have already crossed paths.

Early on, guitars were able to sneak into modern plays and productions. In fact, the addition of the guitar – especially the electrical variation – has allowed for plays to become “cool” in a certain way. Adding rock and roll to plays is always a good thing.

Let’s take a look at three of the best plays out right now that you can watch to enjoy both the acting and the guitar playing.

Rock of Ages

We are sure that when the topic of guitars and plays came to mind that this was the first play that you thought of. The Rock of Ages play is the currently the quintessential play that puts the spotlight on the guitar and its playing too.

The play follows the story of Sherrie, a girl from Oklahoma who has dreams of becoming a famous singer. Things don’t go the way she plans and ends up as a waitress first. She meets Drew, another person who wants to be a singer but has severe anxiety.

It is a tale of life really. About how things can go wrong and that how when you stick to a dream and to hope, good things can happen.

It isn’t hard to see why that is. Looking at the tracks that are incorporated in this play, you’ll instantly understand.

For instance, you have rock and roll classics such as “We’re Not Going to Take it”, originally performed by Twisted Sister. There is also Hit Me with your Best Shot and Come on Feel the Noise.

These rock ‘n roll songs do a lot to inject some raw powerful energy into the play. It also allows for people to enjoy the play by singing along to the song that they know.

Speaking to the guitarists of the show, it really does seem that they are some of the biggest stars of the show. In recent interviews, they said that it felt like a concert and that the energy of the crowd really powered them up too.

Another reason why the guitars are so important is the fact that it is hard to find a guitarist nowadays who can play and shred as they did back in the 80s. Not to mention the confidence to actually play in a theater full of patrons.

School of Rock

Born out of one of the most iconic rock movies out there. This musical can still be watched in some theaters.

Based on the 2003 film, the musical follows Dewey Finn, an out-of-work rock singer and guitarist who pretends to be a substitute teacher at a prestigious prep school. Even if you watched the movie its still great experience with a lot of guitar playing. The editorial team of Guitar Fella devoted a full article on how to approach and learn these songs if you are interested..

Book of Mormon

The next play on the list came from the same minds of the people who brought us the vulgar yet enjoyable cartoon South Park. It is called The Book of Mormon.

This musical comedy follows two Mormon missionaries as they go through their duty of spreading the word of their religion. Did we mention this is taking place in a village in Uganda?

Initially, the locals are nonplussed by their preaching. They have bigger things to think about such as famine, AIDS, and those warlords who just can’t get off their backs. Then, the missionaries begin to add science fiction to the doctrine of the Latter-Day Saints.

From there, it is an adventure filled with religions, warlords, music, and raucous laughter.

The music of the play is actually helmed by Jake Ezra Schwartz. Through his work on the play, he has won a Tony and Grammy Award.   If you get a hankering to watch plays with guitars, why not start with these? You can also head to certain classical guitar festivals to hone your skills and watch some guitar-themed plays too.

2 Classical Guitar Events to Appreciate in Plays

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whitenightnuitblanche post23 300x191 - 2 Classical Guitar Events to Appreciate in PlaysWhen guitars first came out, the first ones that people knew about were what we know now as “classical guitars”. Historical traces follow the origin of the guitar to Persia, where the word “Tar” meant an instrument that uses strings.

Much later, it found its way to Spain, where their own form of guitar classical music was formed in the 15th and 16th century.

This classical guitar and style of the instrument eventually gave way to the acoustic and electric guitars that are currently ubiquitous in our world and society.

Classical guitars are important, due to the fact that they were for a large part of some of the earliest plays being done. These were the operas.

The classical guitar may be a very niche form and style of guitar. Thus, there may be a need to return to it. If you want to learn more about it, you can attend several of these classical guitar events.

Who knows? The things you would learn and feel may allow you to either appreciate it in plays, as well as incorporate it to some of your own plays.

Classical Minds

The first one is called Classical Minds. This year, it will be taking place on October 25 to 27 in the Foxton Village Hall. This will be the first time in 15 years that the event will be taking place outside of Houston, Texas. This year, it will be the 15th annual Classical Minds event.

The event spans six whole days of classical guitar playing. In this event, famous and skilled players and teachers come to either perform for the attendees and even teach you how to be better with your classical guitar skills.

This event is open to people of all ages. Whether you are young or old, if you are interested in classical music or if you want to just enjoy the music, this will be for you.

You should get in on this action quick! For techniques, tutorials, and the like, you need to send an application that will lock you in.

Bath Guitar

Next up, we have Bath Guitar. This event is done by the International Guitar Foundation & Festivals or IGF. This group’s main mission is to spread the word of the guitar.

One way they do it is through the Bath Guitar event. The upcoming one on July 14 to 17 will host a number of performances that you can enjoy. Most of these performances showcase the talents of the younger generation.

We hope that your interest and appreciation in classical guitar only increases with these events. Apart from that, we also have guitar play events. If you still aren’t sure what we’re about, through our articles, we hope you’ll understand more.