3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the Orchestra

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In most cases, the instruments and the accompanying music for plays and musicals can be found in the orchestra pit. They are really the unsung heroes of the plays.

However, there are some rare and special cases where the plays call for the cast on stage to actually be the orchestra for their own performance. It is a true fusion of guitars, instruments, and the plays.

Let’s take a look at several plays where the cast was also their own orchestra.


whitenightnuitblanche post12 300x200 - 3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the OrchestraThe first play we’ll be looking at is called Once. This is actually a play that was based on the film of the same name that came out in 2007.

The story is actually quite simple. It is about a man and a woman who unite together through their love of music and dreams of success with it.

The soundtrack is so memorable and emotional that it was such a great and well-received film. This is probably why it was transfixed into a play.

Throughout the play, as the boy and girl play their guitar and piano, the patrons around them also serve as the full orchestra as they bring out their own instruments and add to the songs.

This play was pretty good. So much so that it went on to win more than five Tony Awards.


whitenightnuitblanche post13 300x199 - 3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the OrchestraNext up, we have a play called Buddy. It tells the life and story of acclaimed singer-songwriter Buddy Holly.

This specific play can’t be complete without the titular character getting on stage with a guitar. In life, it was automatically related to Holly.

On the stage, Holly and his band act out his life and play the instruments in real life too.

The Band’s Visit

whitenightnuitblanche post14 300x200 - 3 Plays Where the Cast Was Also the OrchestraFinally, we have The Band’s Visit. Like Once, it is a play that was based on a film of the same name. The film actually originated in Israel. It is about a touring Egyptian band that makes a wrong booking and finds themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The band is not just by name though, as the actors also play their own instruments while on stage.

These are definitely some great and unique events that you should catch. Seeing the cast play their own instruments adds a certain authenticity and emotion to the play. Don’t forget to also catch these great guitar solos in plays.

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