2 Music and Light Festivals for Theater Plays

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In plays, there are many things to look at when thinking whether or not the play is good. Of course, people initially think about the actors who convey the story to us. It also looks at the story itself, as people love to poke holes or see whether it resonates with them.

There are other things though that can be considered. You can also take a look at the music. Depending on how it is arranged, how the instruments are played, and how the songs are composed, the music can really enhance the quality of the play.

Apart from that, effective use of lighting can serve to increase the quality, story, and appeal of a play as it illuminates people’s lives.

In order to learn more about music and lighting, people can attend festivals for them. Let’s take a look at a couple of lighting and music festivals.

Festival of Lights

whitenightnuitblanche post19a 300x169 - 2 Music and Light Festivals for Theater PlaysFirst up, we illuminate you readers with Berlin’s Festival of Lights. This specific festival showcases the whole city of Berlin as it is draped in beautiful light art.

People can enjoy the city of Berlin and all of its amazing landmarks and buildings throughout this festival. All of these places will have great light art on them. In this case, the whole city is the stage and you discover the beauties on them.

The festival lasts for 10 days. Across these 10 days, you can visit as many as 100 locations, taking the history, significance, and culture of Berlin.

These new and innovative light installations evoke emotion from the people watching. At the same time, people can also take these lighting techniques.

Florida Festival of New Musicals

whitenightnuitblanche post20 300x169 - 2 Music and Light Festivals for Theater PlaysNext up we have the Florida Festival of New Musicals. This festival focuses on musicals as a whole. Throughout the four-day festival duration, new musicals are presented and celebrated with the hopes of finding the next best thing.

This could be the festival to find the next best play or musical that showcases the guitar.

We hope that these festivals can help either inspire you for applying lighting and guitars to your plays or just enjoy these two facets of theater.  You can also check out several guitar-centric plays to watch.

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