2 Play Attractions in the Form of Guitar Solos

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People have different points of view, experiences, and even opinions about things. This allows for a variety of people to emerge. This variety can be seen in almost any topic, even plays.

whitenightnuitblanche post15 200x300 - 2 Play Attractions in the Form of Guitar SolosWhen people think of plays, they think about a lot of things that could attract them. Sometimes, it is how large the play is. In other cases, it is the cast that graces it and the reviewed acting that people just need to experience.

However, there are some special cases where people look for something else. They don’t look with their eyes but follow their ears and emotion. Like a great concert, sometimes, people look for great guitar solos.

Let’s take a look at several of the greatest guitar solos in theater plays.

Jesus Christ Superstar

Jesus Christ Superstar is an absolute classic in the realm of musicals and theatrical plays. This rock opera first came out in the 70s and took the world by storm.

The rock opera simply follows the life of Jesus. It zones in on the final years of Jesus’ life as reported in the many gospels.

The musical is one where most if not all of the dialogue is sung with a rock and roll energy that is hard to deny.

This energy can be seen in the original film adaptation of Jesus Christ Superstar. The person who played Jesus had such a high range. His powerful vocals led to some dramatic and emotional moments, such as when he was confiding to his Father in Gethsemane.

The actor playing Judas similarly also had such strong vocals that really pushed his doubts and motivations.

whitenightnuitblanche post17 200x300 - 2 Play Attractions in the Form of Guitar SolosThe whole play is accompanied by raucous electric guitars and songs that are both melodic and rock hard. In fact, the play has six guitars. This is comprised of one electric guitar, one bass guitar, and the rest are acoustic guitars.

The great guitar solos come right at the start. When the play starts, people are instantly treated to the overture. The overture usually has most of the musical motifs and themes of the play.

It is no different here. You will be treated to hearing several songs within the play that you’ll no doubt hear later on.

The guitar really brings the power and emotion for the whole overture. It’s other accompanying instruments really add more texture and flavors to the song. Apart from that, the guitar solo is a real reflection of how time was back then when the musical first came out.


whitenightnuitblanche post16 200x300 - 2 Play Attractions in the Form of Guitar SolosInterestingly enough, the next one on the list is also a religious musical in Godspell. The musical is set like several parables are recounted to the watchers.

The guitar solo we are looking for is in the finale of the musical. As the intro blares on, the guitar solos are also there to bring the song in.

In the original song, after a minute and more than 40 seconds, the guitar solo returns as if to reinforce the sentiment and importance of death that the singer is talking about.

These guitar solos return every so often throughout the original eight-minute finale. A true solo that people can rock out and bang their heads to. If you are hankering for some great guitar action in musicals, why not try to watch these musicals? There are also guitar and play festivals to attend in order to learn more.

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