4 Theater Festivals to Visit This Year

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There are all sorts of fans out there. There are diehard fans of many things. Things like TV shows, movies, songs, guitars, and even plays.

Interestingly enough, there are some times where there really are no limits to the fandom of some people. The team at White Night Nuit Blanche supports this wholeheartedly. After all, we continually pursue guitars in theater plays.

For this article, let’s check out several festivals that you can go to in order to learn more about theater plays and even guitars in them.

The Festival of New Musicals

The first festival we’ll be looking at is called the Festival of New Musicals. This festival has been going for 30 years! In this year, the 31st annual Festival of New Musicals will begin.

As the name suggests, this festival showcases the newest and freshest musicals in the world. Each one that makes it through will have 45 minutes to present its concept and songs, instruments and all.

Theater producers from around the world gather at this festival in order to see the next best musical that they can get. 

The beauty of this festival is that there is no cost. All costs are shouldered by the people who put together the festival.

There have been a lot of great things that have happened because of this festival. In all actuality, there have been more than 250 great things as these are the number of musicals that have been discovered. Along with that are some 500 writers who have found a way to a job.

As the statistics state, close to 90% of the theater plays and musicals discovered here has become a success with tours and recordings done for the album.

This festival will be taking place on October 24 and 25. Who knows? The next best guitar-themed play might be discovered here.

The Lift Festival

Next up, we have the Lift Festival. The Lift has been around since the early 80s, with the mission of bringing people together and questioning the status quo.

Through this festival, people come together to watch spectacular performances over more than six weeks. These performances also include theatrical plays and musicals, as the festival partners up with several theaters and art establishments in London.

The cool thing about this festival is their venues. Sometimes, it finds great nooks and crannies to host their shows. It has even used an abandoned golf course for it.

New York Musical Festival

Then we have the New York Musical Festival. This is a festival that aims to energize the musical industry by showcasing the year’s best new musicals.

The NYMF is a large festival. It is actually the biggest festival on musical theater in the whole of the United States.

Every summer it takes place in Midtown Manhattan. The festival hosts new creators and gives them the necessary funds, materials, and other resources to put together new musicals. These include marketing and advertising.

In this way, new shows are created and new workers either gain experience or find a permanent place.

Williamstown Theater Festival

Finally comes the Williamstown Theatre Festival. This one has been up and running since the mid-1950s. The goal of the festival has always been to revitalize old performances by infusing innovation and new ideas into the mix.

Each festival, workers are invited to work plays. These include artists, production design, directors, musicians, and more.

It is a time for audiences to enjoy an ever-evolving theater experience. It is also a way for the workers to hone their craft and find new ways of executing plays. Why not check out these festivals some time? You may learn something new, or just enjoy the experience as it is.

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