Brighton is a fantastic place. Its location near the coast gives it a picturesque view and a great environment for relaxing.

The fact that it is a tourist destination gives a very friendly atmosphere. The varied community means that you’ll never have a lack of interesting people to meet. There are also a variety of shops that people can frequent.

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Apart from that though, the town has a reputation for having a vibrant art and cultural scene. Let’s take a look at several plays and events that you can enjoy with guitars playing a large role in it.

The Simon and Garfunkel Story

If any play could put the guitar in the limelight, what other tales can fit better than the story of two artists who have made their fame on them? This is the story of Simon and Garfunkel.

These two are a legendary American folk group. Back in the 60s, they were one of the bestselling artists out there. Their songs live on to today; a true sign of great artistry would be the songs that stand the test of time.

Most recently, one of their songs has actually become a meme. This is probably the only way that the younger generation knows about Simon and Garfunkel. The song is The Sound of Silence, and it is used in clips where people are sad.

Apart from that though, they have a great range of hits. From the upbeat Mrs. Robinson that accompanied the great film “The Graduate”, to the heartfelt Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and the amazing tale of The Boxer.

This play follows how these two artists met in New York. It chronicles how they got together and their journey to the top of the charts, and into music history as they became the legendary duo we know today.

It is a fascinating tale, as they started with nearly nothing. Throughout their story, their famous songs will accompany your experience. It will delve into how they got big, and how they split up, pursued individual careers, and had a memorable reunion in the early 80s.

Richard Durrant

Next up, we have an event with Richard Durrant. Durrant is an accomplished guitarist and has composed a variety of music throughout his years. In fact, he is known as one of the best guitarists to ever come out of his group.

In this specific Brighton event, Durrant’s guitar skills will be there for all to enjoy. There is no doubt about that.

However, the events of Durrant are a bit more than that. He regales the audiences with his hits of old, as well as the newer songs that he continually makes.

Moreover, though, he reaches out and connects with the audience. He takes the time to tell people about his experiences and the things he has gone through on the road.

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