The stage is set. The lights are dimmed. The actors are all in place. The play begins.

Plays are a wonderful art form that many people enjoy and relate to. Like most entertainment that people enjoy, it is a story told through different mediums. Whether it’s through television, film, video games or books, it is always a story.

Stories have the power to capture our imagination. They have the power to move and inspire people. They have the ability to put ideas in our head that can help us move forward or change our lives for the better.

In some ways, a play is a more vivid telling of a story. This live performance allows for people to see this emotion conveyed by actors and the stories in a very live and visceral setting. Every hint of emotion or nuance is noticed and felt.

However, the truth of the matter is that sometimes, the story is not enough. We can see it in many visual art forms. Well, “see” isn’t actually the operative word here. Rather, it is “hear”.

In these visual artforms, the stories, scenes, and sequences are elevated with the addition of music.

Music is something that speaks directly to the soul. Since time immemorial, people have been drawn to music. Whether this is the beat of a simple drum or a wailing tune of an electric guitar.

For White Night Nuit Blanche, the instrument of choice we have is the guitar.

It is one of the most common instruments in the world. Of course, this has been elevated by rock and roll bands and personalities. The guitar solos and riffs are truly something that makes you either bite your lip in awe or just bang your head in musical exaltation.

It is no different for plays. The White Night Nuit Blanche website is all about these stringed instruments as they are played in plays.

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Thus, our team and website cover these guitars in plays. These articles include topics such as the best songs in Broadway with guitars in them. They can even be Broadway songs about guitars, or even Broadway plays with guitars.

Apart from that, we also cover several different events and festivals regarding either plays, guitars, or even a mixture of both. These are things that people can go to in order to either learn more about these topics or simply just enjoy them.

If you are here reading this, then we hope that you hold the same interest as us. It is our hope that the articles that we write will resonate as strongly with you as the guitars do in a filled theater. If you’d like to attend some guitar theater events or head to classical guitar events, we hope you find what you need in our articles.